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LPC Credential Management Center

LPC Mgmt Center

Manage Your LPC Here

LPCs! Sign-in to use. First time? Click "Reset/Forgot your password". Your Username is your email address on file with us. When you get your email, click on "Reset My Password Now" to set up your password, sign-in, and get going!


The resources found in this center are for ALL LPC credential holders (those with guest membership and those with full LPF membership). Those with two accounts; corporate and individual, be sure to use your individual LPC account.

LPC Credential Management Center Resource Highlights:

  • Vital Questions: Every LPC holder should spend two minutes to consider and answer these thought provoking questions about managing and keeping their credential beyond three years.

  • Recertify with CEUs; Extend My LPC Another 3 Years: Use this step by step checklist to guide you through the recertification process and to renew your LPC for another three years with Continuing Education Units(CEUs). This method of LPC renewal requires more commitment early on, but it is less costly (between $0 and $185) and is less risky than recertification by exam.

  • Recertify With Exam; Extend My LPC Another 3 Years: This is an alternative, to collecting and adding Continuing Education Units (CEUs) each year of your current LPC. Six months before your current LPC expires, renew your LPC by paying for and re-passing the LPC exam. This method of LPC renewal requires less time commitment, but it is more costly ($300) and is more risky than recertification by CEUs.

     Every Year:

  • Add CEUs to My Record: Use this form, at minimum, every year, to to update your LPF CEU record with 20 CEUs by listing activities you have participated in. CEUs are only a part, albeit a large part, in extending your LPC for 3 more years. CEUs are due at the end of the month in which you passed your exam. If you passed your exam last March 15th, then your CEUs are due every year from there on before March 31st. To complete the renewal of an expiring LPC; in the final quarter, of the third year, when all CEUs are in, complete the remaining "Recertify with CEUs" steps.

  • Review My Record: Click on this link, scroll down to find when your current LPC expires, how many CEUs are on file; <LPC Yr1 CEUs>, <LPC Yr2 CEUs>, and <LPC Yr3 CEUs>, what CEU activities you have already claimed, what late fee(s) may be applied, etc.  Much of this information is also directly emailed to you the second week of every quarter (January, April, July, and October). To find your individualized report, look in your inbox for email(s) titled; "LPC Quarterly Certification Status". 

     End of Every Third Year:

  • Update My Profile Information: This information needs updating, every three years, right before you extend your expiring LPC credential. At a minimum, please update your home address, email, employment, etc., so that we can mail your newly extended, embossed certificate to your home.

  • For My Record; I Am Still Qualified to Be LPC: This form is filled out every three years, right before you extend your expiring LPC credential for another three. We ask that you acknowledge that you remain LPC ready and that you have upheld our LPF Code of Ethics.

  • Pay My Recertification Processing Fee: This $125 fee is paid right before you extend your expiring LPC credential for another three using continuing education units. This processing fee is charged to those with guest membership. Those who have a charter, lifetime, or all three years of paid LPF membership do not pay this. Your amount owed is titled <LPC CEU Recert Process Fee> in your "Certification Status" details.

  • Pay My CEU Fee(s): This is used to pay late CEU fees. These fee(s) need to be paid right before you extend your expiring LPC credential for another three using continuing education units. Avoid these $30 late fee(s) by submitting 20 CEUs each each year prior to your exam anniversary month end. Your amount owed is titled <LPC YR1 Late Fee Owed> and <LPC YR2 Late Fee Owed> in your "Certification Status" details.

     In Addition:

  • Want to Know More about Recertification? Use this handy link index to our public website for CEU details, quick guides, Q&As, a Certified LPC Professional list, Fees and Dates, CEU Audit Details and Proofs, Education Providers, LPC Lapse, and more.

  • Update My Profile Information, such as home address, email, employment, etc. Navigate there with "Manage Profile" (at right) and then "Edit BIO" for full members.

  • Print My LPC "convenience" Certificate:  Follow these two simple steps and print out your very own LPC "convenience" certificate. The original, embossed certificate is mailed directly to your home address in your profile.

  • Visit LPCertified Group/Forum: As an LPC your are already a member of this group. Use it to find and connect with other LPC's or discuss LP topics within a secure environment hosted on shore.

  • Want to spend $0 when you extend your LPC 3 more years? : New LPC? Newly Recertified? Currently facing the $125 CEU recertification processing fee? If you are planning on recertifying more than once in your career or are looking at a current CEU processing fee with more to come; Consider a Lifetime Full membership at $495. We will waive your current fee and your future recertification processing fees. You can also claim 5 CEUs per year for life. Explore the clear benefits of being a FULL member. Save hundreds of dollars by taking advantage of our Membership Rewards Savings and Discount program, and enjoy permission to all pages on this site.

  • Pay LPC Certification Restoration Fee: This is used to pay the $90 restoration fee if your LPC expired and you'd like it back without exam. This type restoration is only available up to one year after your LPC expires. This process requires the additional fee, additional CEUs, as well as the prior, late CEU recertification, steps fully complete. 

  • Apply for LPCR Designation: This is an honorary designation for LPC retirees. Unlike the LPC credential, the LPCR designation does not expire. Once obtained, it can be kept for life without any need for continuing education units or re-examination. You need to be at least 55 years old, deriving zero income from LP/AP activities, and a current or former LPC of less than a year.



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